Welcome to my webpage! I’m Matthew Ebisch and this is the About page of my website. The first thing you should know about me is I hate writing the About page of my website.
Anyway, about me…I make art. I make it both digitally (pixels and tablets) and traditionally (paints and brushes). Most of what I make is made just because I want to make it, though sometimes people pay me to make stuff. 
I am the sole creator of The Heroes of the Bible Coloring Pages, which have been colored by kids all across the world.  I also, when time allows, write and draw my own comic. Should you be so inclined, you can read it here: The Saga of Samuel
Anything else I make or have made is available through the various links and buttons of this here website. 
If you have questions, comments, need advice, or just want to drink from the fount of my unfailing wisdom you can contact me at: artistxero@gmail.com