The Heroes of the Bible Coloring Pages


The Heroes of the Bible Coloring Pages: Great for your VBS, Sunday School or Homeschool activities.

These Heroes of the Bible coloring pages are downloadable PDF’S available for 99¢ each or you can buy them in sets of 12 by purchasing the Bundle Packs.

You may say to yourself “Self? Why should I spend my hard earned money on these bible coloring pages when there are so many others that are available for free?” and I would tell your self, “Hey man, Art is my job. If you get paid for doing your job, shouldn’t I get paid for doing mine?” Also, you should probably stop talking to yourself. It’s kinda weird.

mosesDon’t want to spend your hard earned money?

Don’t understand what you’re getting?

Don’t get how it all works?

Try out this exclusive and FREE Heroes of the Bible Coloring Page Jesus: Fishes & Loaves

(<—Click the Image for your FREE download, print it out, color it up!)

If you have any questions or problems you can email me at:

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(Click on the Bible Hero you would like to buy and that will take you to PayPal where, after paying, a link for downloading will be sent to your email address. Coloring pages are PDFs sized for instant printing. I ask that you not alter them or try to profit off them in any way, cause that would make you a jerk.)

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